How do you charge for carpet and upholstery cleaning?

For carpeting, we charge by the square foot of wall-to wall or of area rugs. Furniture cleaning is priced depending on the size of the piece, cushions, and the type of fabric. Please call the office for a close estimate.

 What method is used for carpet cleaning?

We use truck-mounted, hot-water extraction. This method is recommended by most major manufacturers. It is the deepest cleaning method available.

 How long will it take for things to dry?

Carpet and upholstery can take between 4-24 hours to dry. Drying time depends on the soil level of the fabrics, the relative humidity, and the air circulation in your home.

 How often should I clean my carpets and upholstery?

Carpet manufacturers suggest from 6-12-18 months, depending on residential or commercial and high traffic areas. Our rule…if you can’t remember when…it’s been too long! Upholstery cleaning is recommended from 6-12-18 months on residential or commercial properties, depending on usage. Calling ACS upon spills/spots could prevent permanent stains – do not attempt to clean on your own!

 How do I keep my carpet looking its best after it’s been professionally cleaned?

Frequent vacuuming of both carpet and furniture is the best way to keep dirt, debris, pet hair, etc. from collecting and wearing down fibers. Also, cleaning spots and spills when they first happen will help prevent them from becoming permanent stains.